Harlow’s Day

My day at nursery starts when Daddy drops me off. I always hold my arms out for cuddles with my key person. Emma or Natalie ask my Daddy how I have been and then I wave goodbye to him and head straight for the treasure baskets where I explore the natural objects and the metal bowls and scoops.

Activity time

When all my friends have arrived, we do our activity. Sometimes we get messy, sometimes we do painting or drawing and sometimes we play and explore textures. But we always have fun and Emma and Natalie take lots of pictures to show our mummy and daddy how much fun we have at nursery.

Snack time

Time for a healthy snack so I sit at the table with my friends in the Frog Room. I watch the older children pour their own drinks, I will be doing that soon. But right now I enjoy water in my sippy cup and some fruit – apple is my favourite.


Some of us go and play outside in the garden and some of us need a short nap because we are still little. Today I have decided to go into the garden because I love the slide so much. I run around with my friends until I see the sandpit and I try really hard to climb into it. I need a little help from Natalie but once I’m in, I enjoy filling up the buckets with sand.

Lunch and sleep time

At lunchtime we once again go and sit at the table with our older friends The Frogs. I watch the bigger children use their cutlery to eat their lunch. I am trying hard to use my spoon too and Emma or Natalie are always there to help and encourage me. When we have eaten our lunch and had a drink, we wipe our faces with our flannels and go back to the Tadpole Room where our beds are set up with all our comforters and blankets. Emma and Natalie help send us to sleep by patting our backs and stroking our faces. When I wake up Natalie changes my nappy and talks to me about what she’s doing.

Activity or garden

After we have had our afternoon snack and a drink we go out into the garden for our activity. Today we are developing our physical skills so Emma has set up some tunnels and balance beams for us to crawl and walk along. I enjoyed sitting in the tunnel and peaking out of the small holes in the side. I giggle as Emma plays peek-a-boo with me.

We all help to tidy the garden and put all the equipment away. I’m especially good at picking up the balls that have escaped from the ball pit.

Tea and home time

When we come in from the garden, we all go and wash our hands. Natalie talks me through using the soap and rinsing with the water, and then she helps me dry my hands. We usually have a little singing time just before tea. This afternoon we are also listening to our favourite story song about lots of different vehicles and I can do some of the actions and a few sounds too!

The tea arrives – yay! I have a selection of sandwiches. Mine are especially made for me because there are some foods I can’t eat. I have some salad on the side too.

After we have all eaten we go back into the garden and play in the water tray. I like to splash a lot!

Just before my Daddy arrives, Emma changes my clothes (because of all the splashing) and gathers all my belongings. We sit and have some quiet time. Then my Daddy comes through the door and he’s so happy to see me and hear about my day and all the fun I have had. Apparently I was actually learning at the same time!

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