Olivia’s Day

When I arrive at nursery, I start making some amazing art using the paint! I do my painting by using the easel and I have lots of colours to choose from. I must remember to put on my apron.

My key person Josie helps me to put on my apron and then I give Mummy a big cuddle and say goodbye.

Snack time

At snack time I sit with all my friends and enjoy different fruits and vegetables. Some days we have apple and peppers, some days we have orange and cucumber which is my favourite!

Group time

After snacks we have group time where we do lots of different activities. I really enjoy dancing and the sticky kids songs because we do lots of jumping and wiggling!

Garden time

After group time we go outside and explore the garden. If it’s hot and sunny Josie will help me put on sun cream. If it’s cold Josie will help me put my coat on. In the garden I like to explore the sensory garden because it’s got stools that I can balance on. I also enjoy going down the slide!


Then it’s time for lunch! Before I sit down I find my placemat. My favourite lunch is caribbean fish stew, but I like all the lunches here. The pudding is really yummy too – cake and custard!

When we have finished we wipe our faces and hands clean, then we find our beds ready for a sleep. Mine has my bunny on it!

Home time

When it’s home time I run to Daddy for a big cuddle and Josie tells him about what I have done today and I show off my amazing artwork from this morning.

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