Welcome to the Butterfly Room

Welcome to the Butterfly Room! We provide high quality care for the 3 and 4 year old’s at Ambourne House Day Nursery.

Within the Butterfly room we love to explore different aspects of the world both indoors and outdoors. We offer different daily activities for children to explore as well as specific group times and exercise times to help the children’s learning. We have three rooms for the children to explore as well as an outdoor area to help them with physical development. We provide healthy snacks during our snack time as well as variety of lunches over the course of 4 weeks. Children who are new to the Butterfly Room will be given the chance to attend settling in sessions to explore their new environment as well as the staff having detailed conversations with parents to discover the child’s interests and needs.

Our curriculum is based around the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and we regularly update the children’s targets on our target board which also informs our planning. Our planning is based upon the children’s interests as well as the needs of the children. Our plans are created to be an inclusive learning experience for the children and the sessions will be within their key groups and led by the child’s key person with the support of the buddy. These group time sessions give the children an excellent opportunity to link up with other children and begin to make friendships which can be seen in their own free play time.

To encourage children’s language development, and especially to support those who may have English as an additional language, we use Makaton which is a sign system that goes alongside spoken language, this is to help the children’s communication skills and gives them another way of communicating if they struggle with spoken communication.

In preparation for the transition to school, we include daily letters and sounds activities designed to develop a child’s understanding of sounds and word formation. At the beginning of the year, we start with sounds and being able to recognise different sounds. Over the course of the year, we begin to look at more letters and linking up the sounds with the letters whilst making a conscious effort to link this into the children’s interests. For example, a child may be very interested in animals so we would have focused sessions around animal sounds.

The Butterfly room hosts a range of activities to prepare those children who are transitioning into schools. The children will have a look at some school uniform and have a go at putting them on as well as practicing putting on their shoes. Normally, teachers will visit from the school as well as the children being able to visit the schools themselves (N.B this will depend on the school). To help the children with this transition, we read stories about school and have circle times where the children can talk about their transition to school.

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