Seren-Rayne’s Day

Mummy brings me into nursery in the morning and tells Hannah what I had for breakfast, my favourite is toast! She helps me hang up my bag and says “Love you, see you later”. I really like the playdough so I always find the table with the playdough; I like to see how it falls off the table!

Welcome Time!

I really enjoy saying hello to all my friends and finding out if they have any exciting news to tell our group. Soon, it is snack time and we are having my favourite: cucumber and strawberries, yummy! I have my big glass of water afterwards and then I’m ready to get my coat and wellies on and go outside.

Writing letters

Once we have had some outside time, we go back inside to start our group time where we get to learn new skills and find out about different things. Today, we are going to have a go at writing our own letters, I am going to practice the ‘S’ from my name today.

Tomorrow we are going to post our letters; we have to go under the subway to get there. I can’t wait until mine arrives and I can open it!

Lunch time

We always have a story before lunch; I really like the story of ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’. Once we have had our story, we wash our hands and find our place mat at the table. My mat has my face on it and I drew a picture in the background. Today we are having chicken and sweetcorn pie and green beans, delicious! We always have something different to make sure our tummies are filled with goodness. Once lunch is finished, we get to do some singing with Tracy, I love her singing sack. Some of my friends will have a rest as we are so busy at nursery.


Once my friends have had their rest, we can go outside again. Hannah helps me put my coat and wellies on before we line up to go out. Today we are going to play football, I help put out the cones and Trudy tells me about how to be a goal keeper, she helps me catch the balls that my friends are trying to score with. Trudy says that exercise is really good for us and keeps us healthy which means we can grow. I want to be as big as my big brother!

Tea time

My tummy is feeling a bit rumbly so I know it’s nearly tea time. We wash our hands before we sit down, I find my placemat and I know where to sit. Tonight we are having beans on toast, I have two plates of beans and my tummy is full up. For pudding, we have jelly; I love to see it wobble on my plate.

When Mummy picks me up she says “I saw you on Tapestry* having a go at writing an ‘S’, clever girl!” I like looking at it at home and showing Mummy and Daddy all the things I do at nursery.

*Tapestry is our online learning diary system which can be accessed from computers, tablets and mobile phones.

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