Montessori and Early Years Provider in Bristol.

Ambourne House is a small family run nursery, located in South Gloucestershire and very close to Bristol. We have been providing high quality childcare at our nursery since 1991 and the emphasis has always been placed upon the security, happiness, education and individual needs of each child. We have now introduced the Montessori ethos and apparatus to our nursery. With our highly qualified staff and dedication to on-going training, we are proud to be a truly unique provider.

Our nursery provides a safe environment where children can explore, experiment, plan and make decisions for themselves. Our ethos has always been to promote a loving, caring and totally inclusive environment that nurtures children’s unique qualities and potential, thus empowering them to become lifelong learners.

We offer set full or part-time sessions for children aged 3 months to five years, although we try to be as flexible as possible to best meet the needs of your family. The nursery opens at 7.30am and closes at 6.00pm. We open during school holidays; however, we close for Bank Holidays and have an extended break at Christmas, for which no fee is payable. We are permitted to take a small number of children up to 8 years of age, within our ratios, after school and during school holidays.

If you would like to know more we have a helpful Parent Pack that we can send to you. If you would like to request one simply click here and send us your details. We would very much welcome the opportunity to show you and your family all that we offer and to see for yourself why our nursery is a very special place.

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Our Team

Our team is at the cornerstone of all that we do and we pride ourselves on their Continuous Professional Development with half of them having attained a degree in childcare.

Meet the team

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